What You Need to Know About Extra Mile Unlimited

Extra Mile Unlimited is responsible for formulating the most innovative sales and marketing campaigns through in-person promotions of leading brands in the automotive industry. Even amongst this highly competitive environment, we are experiencing incredible growth for our clients’ businesses and ourselves. In order to keep this line of success going, we dedicate ourselves to finding, training and using tomorrow’s leaders.

Gaining Extra Mileage with Superb Brand Handling

Our client base is made up of some of the biggest names in the automotive industry. Each and every one of them looks to our professional team members to support their businesses sales and marketing success. Extra Mile Unlimited gives 110% each and every day to make sure our clients’ objectives are not only met, but also taken the extra mile. We work closely with our clients to provide unique and inventive campaigns and in-person events that will constantly and consistently achieve outstanding results that are awe-inspiring.

Because we represent the very best in the automotive vertical, our clients only expect the very best in direct advertising services. We make it our mission to go the extra mile and give them even more than they expect by improving their bottom line and driving forward financial growth every month. We ensure our own success by continually using our hands-on training philosophy to build a powerful team that will bring unique skills and impressive results for our clients’ brands.

Growth for All with Incomparable Consumer Experience

As on-site marketing experts, we know that today’s consumer does not purchase blindly. Here at Extra Mile Unlimited, we make sure that our in-person events focus on sharing our deep product knowledge with consumers to allow them to make an informed decision. Then we put the cherry on top by offering them exclusive introductory prices that are not available under normal circumstances. By combining knowledge and incentive, we guarantee consumer product satisfaction.

The knowledge and incentives that are used to promote our clients’ products are delivered with enthusiasm and professionalism by our team of product campaigners. Each team member is trained individually to establish and build upon relationships with consumers through in-person interaction. They absorb in-depth product information and then utilize this knowledge to create highly persuasive presentations that will convince even the most critical shopper to make an impulse purchase. More than that though, they will learn how to do this over and over again with consistency to push the revenue of clients upwards at all times.

Giving Your Career Trajectory the Extra Mile

Growth is not a one-way street for members at Extra Mile Unlimited. We believe that if we want to continue to exceed our client’s expectations then our own sales and marketing ambassadors must continue to grow in their own careers. This is why we work hard to build the most dynamic, energetic and driven team in direct marketing. We are constantly educating and learning throughout every level of our team. As each member learns a new skill, they are also able to help their peers to achieve the same level of business enlightenment. Our team members are able to truly see progress along their career path and enjoy ultimate personal growth whilst making a real difference to the sales and marketing world for our clients.

Extra Mile Unlimited’s Client List

By constantly over-achieving in our sales and marketing targets, we attract the attention of high-profile brands in the wax industry. We use innovative, exciting and unique direct marketing and sales promotions that result in amazing bottom-line achievements for some of the most respected names in the nation.